"A magnificent Richardsonian Mansion on St. James Court. The finest in the city.
Also known as "Conrad's Castle," this is one of the most stunning of Old Louisville's houses and defines Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. The house was built for Theophilus Conrad, a Frenchman (Alsace) who made his fortune in the tanning business. The original construction price was $75,000.Walk around it and enjoy its gargoyles, swags, massive arches and fleur-de-lis.  
The Caldwell family purchased it in 1905 after Mr. Conrad's death.    They lived there for 35 years.  It next served as the Rose Anna Hughes Presbyterian Retirement Home for 40 years.  The St. James Court  Historic Foundation  purchased the home in 1987, restored it, and now operates the museum.  Inside you will find breathtaking woodwork, stained glass and fixtures"

On March 1st, 2009, Louisville Paranormal Investigations had the wonderful opportunity to investigate this fabulous historic museum.
We arrived and was met by Ashley Cave, the docen who would stay with us through our investigation. THANK YOU  ASHLEY for being such wonderful help!
We had a team of 6 investigators and 3 filmographers.
We took well over 1000 still photos. Over 10 hours of audio recordings, and over 40 hours of video footage.
Here are our findings.........

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a mist on the staircase
mist on stiarcase
mist in upstairs  bedroom
orb on staircase
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the camera moves by itself
Investigation #2
We were fortunate enough to be allowed the opportunity to investigate the Conrad-Caldwell House again.
Here are our findings on this investigation.
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We reinvestigated this beautiful and active place on May  4th 2009.
During this investigation we were accompanied by David Domine, author of "Ghosts of Old Louisville".
We set up our equipment and started our investigation.
We were fortunate to capture numerous E.V.P.'S and photos.
At the end of the night we went to the attic area and did a walk through. While there one of the walkie talkies went off. There was no reason for it. It would not change frequencies, shut off, or turn down. Eventually we were able to shut off the walkie talkie. 
This all happened after Henry asked "Can you give me a sign".
Well that they did!
We had 4 walkie talkies in use, 3 with investigators, and one with Ashley.
All 3 investigators were in the attic area when this occurred, but their walkie talkies did not go off. Ashley's, who was on the first floor, did.

Investigation #4
June 9th, 2009
We reinvestigated the Conrad-Caldwell on this date. We had 4 new investigators along with us for this investigation.
On this investigation we captured some awesome activity.
While in Mrs. Caldwell's room on the 2nd floor, we all hear a "dinner bell", or "servants bell".   Upon investigation, there is no such bell in the museum.

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