Middle Creek Battlefield
Prestonsburg Ky
The Battle of Middle Creek was fought on land owned by Henry Clay Fitzpatrick (1823-1895), son of Jonathon Fitzpatrick and grandson of Bath Co., Va., native John Fitzpatrick, Revolutionary War veteran, who established a farm here sometime before 1800. John is buried on Graveyard Point, Garfield's command post during the battle. Henry's son Hiram H. Fitzpatrick, Floyd County Clerk, inherited the farm and passed it to his son Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Sr. and daughter Osa F. Ligon, next owners were Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Jr., president of The Bank Josephine, and Osa's daughter, Sallye Ligon Clark. The farm is now owned by Middle Creek National Battlefield Foundation, founded in 1992 by Franklin D. Fitzpatrick, son of H.D. Fitzpatrick, Jr.

We would like to thank Mr Frank Fitzpatrick for giving us permission to investigate this historic location. And also to Floyd County Paranormal Society for joining us on this investigation.
On June 7th, 2009 we were fortunate to investigate this historic location. 
An important part of the civil war, the Middle Creek Battlefield was investigated.
We used our nightvision cameras, voice recorders and the "Ghost Box"
Here are our findings.
native american drumming is heard
Click photo to view
LPI will be doing a reinvestigation of this location in the future.
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