Mentz Hotel Park City Ky
Built in the late 1800's it was a hotel and office for the L&N railroad and the Mammoth Cave railroad.
The Mentz burnt in 1897 and was rebuilt on the original foundation in 1902.
From 1946- 1952 it was the Baulch Junior School for boys.
It has been numerous things over the years.
Mentz Hotel                                                           1906
        Mentz Hotel                                             2010
The team has preformed 3 separate investigations of these locations.
Our findings were amazing.
This is definitely a place we will re investigate again.
Thanks to 
Jason Poole 
and Mayor David Lyons 
for allowing us this opportunity.

The Bell's Tavern
Built in 1830 by William Bell, Bell's Tavern served as a stagecoach stop that brought visitors to Mammoth Cave when first open. The inn and tavern was famous in the United States and Europe for elite patrons, cuisine and a special drink of peach and honey brandy for “Joy before the journey’s end. The tavern burned in 1860 and reconstruction by Bell’s grandson, William F. Bell and stepfather, George M. Proctor, was halted due to the Civil War.
Legends of the 3 Wells

Legend has it that... two men were arguing over which side would win the Civil War... North or South.  They were drunk as usual and both men started quite a fuss in the Ol' Tavern.  Later that night, one of the men came back with a couple of his friends and decided to burn down Bell's Tavern.  Little did these men know that in the kitchen, an elderly woman was cleaning up for the night.  The local townsfolk said that the elderly woman was a witch, but the men did not believe in the local folklore.  They decided to kill the elderly woman and leave her to burn with the building.  One of the men snuck into the kitchen and hit the elderly woman on top of her head.  He used the blunt-end of his gun to do this.  So, while the place was burning, the men saw the old woman trying her best to get up and escape the raging inferno.  She was not dead yet!  The old woman saw the men and yelled out a curse from her blood-stained lips...
"Three men... Three wells
Down, down you will fall
Into the mouth of Hell!"

While the elderly woman was cursing and burning, one of the men pulled out his gun and shot her dead.  The three men watched the flames burn high into the night.  One of the men felt the ground shift underneath his feet, but paid little attention to this.  For he, like his friends, was interested in watching the place burn down to the ground.   
Suddenly, a huge deep hole opened up and swallowed one of the men.  The other two saw what was taking place and started to run in different directions away from the Tavern.  They tried to get away, but to no avail.  Another hole swallowed the second man and finally the third man went down.  Just like the old woman said in her curse. 

Singing is heard.  There are no words on music being played.
Trailer Part 7 Shadows of Kentucy
A Light Anamoly is caught
A light follows an investigator
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