Private Residence in Kentucky
We were asked by this family to investigate their home.
The have made claims of possible activity, voices, shadow figures, full body apparitions.
They reported numerous occasions in which they have witnessed this activity.
It is a belief of this family that they have possibly 2 demons present in their home, along with other spirits.
When we arrived we talked with the home owners and listened to their reports.
We set up our equipment and let things roll.
It didn't take long for us to start believing the reports.
One investigator witnessed a shadow child, a black mass, and her hair was pulled.
The lead investigator witnessed shadow figures, and heard voices.
Batteries were drained almost immediately in cameras.
While in one bedroom, the lead investigator was trying to close a closet door, but the door was being pulled out of his hand.
While filming, an investigator was followed by a light into a room.
We took over 600 still photos, 7 hours of video and 5 hours of audio.
The evidence is still being reviewed, but here is some very amazing footage that we wanted to post.
We reinvestigated this home on September 6th, 2008. We again captured some interesting evidence. We will continue to monitor this location and seek help from the Church, per family request.
We have reinvestigated this home on several occasions. The activity has never ceased. We will continue to update this page and keep everyone informed of the progress.

this is a still photo from video of the closet..see the clothes?
this is immedately after the last shot.. clothes can not be seen but 3 figures are present.
immediately after the last shot, only in negative... see the shadow people..
Click photo to enlarge
We contacted a Shamain that was willing to come to the home and tell what he felt was present.  Willie "Windwalker" Gibson was kind enough to do this for us.
 We were told that a portal was present in the home and that  the entity was drawing energy from the homeowners and their children.  After this investigation a demonologist was called in to perform a cleansing of the home and the homeowners.
Attached is there report:

Saturday October 25, 2008 - Elizabethtown, KY

"homeowner" admitted to being diagnosed as bi-polar 

"homeowner" admitted that his father apparently dabbled in something.  "Homeowner" was not overly informative about what, but from what I understand his father would challenge ghosts/entities while he was growing up.  "Homeowner" stated that he believed he had something attach to him at approximately the age of 16 and had been possessed for a short period of time.  

There was a portal in the home on the left side of the house when facing the front.  It extended from the children's room in the basement up into the master bedroom.  James and I believe we were successful in closing the portal.  We also believe that we were able to remove the low level demon whose name I am putting into multiple lines to avoid putting it all together:


However, "homeowner" still has something attached but it was hiding.  I would assume based on my experience it was a higher level demon feeding off the fear the first one was causing.  I did "see" a portal in "homeowner" and worked to close the portal.

I spoke to "homeowner"  last and while the things that were going on prior have stopped, new things had started.  It is more emotional attacks and nothing further physical.  

After almost 6 months of return investigations, the family has been helped. 
After the cleansing they feel that the home is now free of demonic presences, and are living a normal, happy life.

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