Waverly Hills T.B. Clinic
Louisville Kentucky
On Saturday July 5th we had the opportunity to investigate the Waverly Hills Sanatoriums.
We set off in groups of 20 with our tour guide.
We set up our camcorders, audio recorders and took over 500 still photos.
We began on the 1st - 3rd floor. 
Half way through the night we switched to the 4th - 5th floor.
While investigating the 1st floor we witnessed a "Shadow Person" entering the doorway of one of the rooms. upon further investigation there was no one there.
After going over our evidence it was determined that our voice recorders were useless due to too much background interference from people in our group.
Overall it was an experience we wish to have again, only this time with a private investigation.

Octagon Hall
Franklin Kentucky
We had the opportunity to investigate this historical building on July 25th, 2008. We accompanied The Paranormal Realm on this investigation as their guests.
We began our investigation with a history of the Octagon Hall by the Society President 
William Byrd.We set up our equipment using 4 camcorders, 3 voice recorders and over 500 still photos.
We obtained over 20 hours of video, and 18 hours of audio.
Here are our findings.

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