Private Residence:
The Homeowner had made claims of children seeing and communicating with the spirit of a child.
We asked the homeowner for a toy to set out and use as a trigger object.
The homeowner brought us a ball, a kick ball. 

A reinvestigation will be done of this location. To further assist the Homeowner.
"Cold Case"
We were contacted about this case by the homeowner.  The children have seen a figure in "Red", are afraid of their room's closet.  Doors open by themselves, animals reacting to "something" that isn't there.
The area this home is in has a history.  Over 3 decades ago, a little girl was abducted.  She was found later. She had been raped, murdered.  To this day no one has been charged with this crime.
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Private residence:
Central Kentucky:
We were asked to investigate this residence by homeowners.
They had purchased the home and had only lived there 7 days when activity began.

The animals where acting strange, doors were being slammed shut, footsteps were heard, and one child saw a face in their room with "red" eyes.
We performed our investigation and upon review this was found.

 All photos were taken in multiples of
at least 2.

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The house has since been blessed by the church.

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