Baxter Avenue Morgue
Louisville Kentucky
On July 18th 2008 we investigated the Baxter Avenue Morgue. We were told about a room that "doesn't belong" and the owners were questioning if it should be opened or not.
This room is completely bricked closed with no entrance to it at all.
When talk of opening the room began activity increased at the morgue.
The history of the morgue is one of mystery. The original owner disappeared, his son took over. After a few years the son's wife and daughter disappeared. Then he himself.
During this time the story goes that grave robberies increased. Strange smells and sounds were coming from the morgue. And the number of missing people increased.
We set up or night vision camcorders, voice recorders, and took over 450 still photos.
Here are our findings.
We investigated the Haunted Baxter Avenue Morgue again on August 3rd, 2008.
This time we captured some impressive evidence.
The question pertaining to the removal of the "Yellow Room" has been answered.
That question was asked, and a response was given to the investigator.
It was a wonderfully active night.
Louisville Paranormal Investigations will continue to work closely with The Baxter Avenue Morgue.
UPDATE: The Morgue has become more active. A Doll has been thrown, legs and feet have been seen running, and specific questions are being answered.

Keep Checking to see what is in store for LPI and Baxter Avenue Morgue.

We are currently working on a year long project with the Baxter Avenue Morgue. Our goal is to answer questions that pertain to the Morgue. To find out the reason for some of the unexplained areas of the building. To determine what may or may not be behind the walls of the yellow room.

As we progress in our work, the Baxter Avenue Morgue.  validates or debunks our findings.
During an investigation whatever we capture is given to the morgue. Then the morgue will go over our findings and let us know if we are on the right path or the wrong path.
We have uncovered some interesting elements of the Morgue. And we will continue to work closely with the morgue to uncover the mystery that is called the BAXTER AVENUE MORGUE!

We have begun using the "Ghost Box" or also called the "Radio Shack Hack". We have been getting some interesting EVP's using this method. 

We have also had an actor for the morgue with us during an investigation, and he was attacked by an unseen force while he was provoking. LPI does NOT allow provoking by team members.

In 2010 during the Haunted House in October, a customer made a claim that he had been scratched.  He was not aware of the activity that has occurred at the Morgue over the years. 
We have added this photo.

No one was in hall when this shot was taken.
This is the Scratch that a customer recieved during the Haunted House.
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Photo #1: original
Photo #2: B/W
Photo #3: Negative
Photo #4: Negative Darkened
Photo #5: Negative/Sepia/Darkened

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June 11th, 2011
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Thank You Kay Owen of I.P.G. for bringing this to our attention.

This is an interesting article concerning the embalming of a dog.  
Kay also found out that the Morgue had been cited for improper embalming on more than one occasion.
Also the owner of the morgue was a suspect in the disappearance of a 16 year old girl.

The morgue may have been a train station at one time also..
The history keeps coming to us, as if someone or something wants us to find the truth.
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