Louisville Paranormal Investigations is dedicated to finding the truth, To Helping those in need, and never charging a fee.
Louisville Paranormal Investigations wishes to maintain a professional,  caring,  and  teaching attitude.
Louisville Paranormal Investigations strives to be one of the best paranormal investigations team.
We adhere to strict guidelines, and, rules for all members to follow.
These are the guidelines for our group.
“The quality of our work and the character of our members is the probity by which we, LPI, will be measured by others.”
1.There may be no drinking during meetings or investigations.
2.If you are intoxicated at either time, you will be asked to leave.
3.If this occurs more than once, you will no longer be a member of Louisville Paranormal Investigations.
4.At no time is any member of Louisville Paranormal Investigations allowed to receive money, gifts or any gratuity from a client.
5.Louisville Paranormal Investigations does not charge a membership fee. But if at any time the GROUP feels that new or additional equipment is needed, members may be asked to donate towards equipment.
6.If you have donated and leave the group, you will forfeit all money and rights to said equipment.
7.    If during an investigation with LPI you capture evidence that is of paranormal nature, you consent to waive all rights to said evidence and said evidence becomes property of LPI.
8.If the team is going to an investigation that requires a fee, all team members are responsible for their part. (Ie. Waverly hills)
9.If an investigation requires travel outside of the Louisville area,   a designated driver will be appointed and will receive transportation money from team members. (ie. Gas money)
10.Designated drivers will not ask for more money from attending team members than is necessary to pay for gas and minor vehicle maintenance.

11.During an investigation the founders and 1 team member will be in contact with the client.
12.No investigator, unless deemed by founders will be present during initial interview with client.
13.During an investigation, it is asked that all team members present wear a LPI T-shirt. So each team member can be recognized by client.
14.Founder will determine which investigator attends an investigation.
15.Team members will be rotated so all can attend investigations.
16.the afore mentioned applies to small cases only.
17.If you are scheduled to attend an investigation and cannot, notify founders immediately so a replacement can be found.
18.All evidence that is captured by any team member  during an  investigation, must be turned in to founders within 72 hours of the investigation, or it will not be used. ( see #30)
19.If any evidence is used on web site or in any way, a © of LPI and team members name will be placed on item. (does not apply to audio)
   20.If you have a case you would like to do, please bring it to the attention of founders. They will do the initial inquiry.
21.NO team member may set up a case using Louisville Paranormal Investigations unless approved by founders.
22.While on an investigation each member will abide by all constitutional laws, and will be held accountable for their own actions, by Louisville Paranormal Investigations, and the law.
23.All members will abide by the sexual harassment laws set forth by the U. S. government, and state law.
24.Any member who feels that they have been harassed in any way may discuss this with the founder.
25.Any member found to have harassed another member, client or founder, will be removed from Louisville Paranormal Investigations.
26.If it is determined that a member provokes the sexual harassment, both members will be removed from Louisville Paranormal Investigations.
27.   No member at any time may touch another individual other than a handshake. This is not deemed professional.
28.   All members must attend the minimum of 4 meetings per year.
29.   Only members are allowed on investigations.  
30.  All evidence MUST be turned into founders within 1 week of investigation.  If you have not turned in your evidence,  in time frame specified, do not bother.  It will not be used.

By signing I agree to the terms of Membership to Louisville Paranormal Investigations, and will adhere to the guidelines set down by Louisville Paranormal Investigations.

Updated 10/19/10

These are the Bylaws that Louisville Paranormal Investigations abides by.
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"The quality of our work and The character of our members is the probity by which we, LPI, will be measured by others.”
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