Louisville Paranormal investigations is DEDICATED TO FINDING THE TRUTH
Based in Louisville Ky and serves the surrounding areas.
We will investigate any and all claims of the paranormal.
(anything outside of normal)
Unlike many paranormal investigative teams, LPI values the input and assistance from others.
LPI uses a scientific approach to the investigations.
LPI is not in the field to become popular or famous. But to help those who need their assistance.
LPI does NOT charge for their services.
They believe that if you need their assistance, they will be there to help.
They use tools and techniques that are used in both the living and the spiritual realms.
If you feel you need their assistance
contact them here.
Things we ask of the client and things we will do for you.
1) We DO NOT CHARGE for our services.


3) We will not post anything on our site without clients written approval.

4) We can not guarantee that our investigation will result in ceasing any
 or all paranormal activity.

 5)     We do not perform cleansing's, or blessings, but can and will put the client in contact with someone who does.

6) We ask that all animals and children, if possible, be removed from the home prior to investigation.

7) After the initial investigation, we may return for a follow up, depending on evidence acquired.

8) Your identity will not be revealed, without your signed consent.

Louisville Paranormal Investigations
is Currently Accepting New Members.
LPI has numerous upcoming events and specials that require members who are dedicated to the field of Paranormal Investigations.
If you are interested please email us at
click here
Louisville Paranormal Investigations 
Henry Newton and Carolyn Craft are the Founders  of Louisville Paranormal Investigations.

They started LPI with the intention of helping people who are experiencing paranormal activity. Also to help teach those who want to learn more about the field of Paranormal research.

 Henry is a CMPI and holds a certificate in missing persons. He has been a private investigator and uses this knowledge and expertise in the paranormal field.

They are confirmed skeptics. If you do not have the proof, then it doesn't exist.
They  will try and debunk every piece of evidence that they capture.

Started in 2007, Louisville Paranormal Investigations is rapidly becoming one of the areas most recognized, professional, and highly respected paranormal groups, for their honesty,and dedication to the paranormal.

LPI is 
Dedicated to finding the Truth!
I have had a variety of paranormal experiences, off and on, since I was a kid 
which spawned a genuine interest in supernatural occurrences.  I’ve always 
enjoyed learning about the paranormal so the Internet became a great teacher.  

People always thought that I was crazy when I would talk about some bizarre 
happening, but, on the net, I discovered a host of others around the world
who has been through similar things.   

I tend to be a tad skeptical so, when strange things happen, I look for the 
reasons behind why it happened.  Even though I have watched paranormal shows for years, I’ve only recently begun my hands on training and I learn something new with each case I’m lucky enough to be involved in.

I’m a wife and a mom to the best kid in the world as well as half a dozen 
animals.  I love sci-fi movies and shows.  In my spare time, I like to write 
original fiction as well as fan fiction.  I enjoy playing games with my son and 
even manage to get in a grown-up Texas Hold’em tournament on occasion. 
 I have a life long passion for photography, but I am still waiting to get a Grade-A ghost shot.

Kathy Ritchie
Lead Investigator
Leah Kirschner
 Lead Investigator
I was born and raised in Louisville.

I Had my 1st major paranormal experience at the age of 16. 

I am married and have 2 children 2 boys 14 & 9. 

I enjoy Reading, Movies, Writing Fanfiction, Photography, and 

Watching my kids play baseball.

Alisha Grubs
Adina Corba
Teresa McCammon
Andrea Bledsoe
Renata Moore
Bert Moore
Shannon McDonald
Chuck Miller
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I was born, lived and died in Louisville Ky.  I never married and have no children.  
I always wondered what it was that went bump in the night now I know...me..haha.
As a member  of LPI, I  want to help the living find their way. To help them understand those like me who have "crossed over".  To learn more about what it is like to be alive in these times.  
I remember when I first heard of LPI.  I was strolling around my favorite haunt, and kept having things be moved on me.  I would set down a cup of java, and next thing I knew it is in the trash.  Or I kept hearing people talking and there was no one there. Believe me scared me to life...( haha).  So I decided to switch the tables on them and try to capture something from or of them. Well that back fired, they got this photo of me in my usual comfy spot and asked me to join the group, so I did. I figure if you can't beat em then join them.
Joe Schmoe
New Member
(not an investigator)
Christina Hartlage
Amber Moore
Susan Utterback
Josh Ritchie
Jr. Investigator
Trish Weaver
Richard Weaver
Crystal Conrad
Jim Ritchie
Honorary Member
"The quality of our work and The character of our members is the probity by which we, LPI, will be measured by others.”
Tina Garrett
Laura DiMaria
Jennifer Olsen
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